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Friday, June 7, 2013

Who’s in This One?

My powerful and yet flawed hero returns with an entirely new outlook on life and new set of responsibilities he’s not sure he can fulfill. After reading about Giovanni/Bletsian in the first book, it should be no surprise that not much has changed with him physically, though he’s definitely not lacking in other changes. This follow up story takes place in and around the year 2070 and while the world continues to advance, not too much has changed.

The heroine of Giovanni’s Angel, Mira, has the rear opportunity to age before the minds of my readers that not too many of my characters will ever get to do. The reader gets to see how Mira develops and changes as a direct result of her relationship with Giovanni, but you, the reader also get to see her grow and mature in a way her counterpart cannot. While this story couldn't be told without her, Mira gladly plays second fiddle in the area of lead characters, to her daughter Victoria.

Giovanni and Mira find themselves in many strange and new places and taking on many wildly adventurous tasks, but none so exciting as their complicated roles of father and mother. While the circumstances of Giovanni and Mira’s parenthood are a complex tale of its own, having formed a family unity becomes their greatest triumph together. The reader will have a chance to meet Sheldon, a son after his father’s own heart, and Victoria a.k.a. Tori, a daughter who wants nothing more than to live up to the beauty and virtue of her mother.

Giovanni and Mira will take the expression of “starting a new life together” to the extreme as their world is opened up in a way neither of them ever thought. Giovanni, who’d spent most of his life in isolation, now reconciles the fact that he has a family, something he never knew he wanted. Mira on the other hand, has finally gotten exactly what she’s always wanted and maybe even more. Aside from the relationships developed with their children, Giovanni and Mira also develop many long lasting friendships.

The reader will have an opportunity to learn more about Lilly, the little girl who brings joy to Giovanni’s heart. You will also meet Jack, who will make his mark and prove to be a loyal and incredibly useful friend in life and in battle. As people and circumstance come and go in and out of Giovanni’s life, he realizes that he needs a certain kind of guidance that his normal, average, human friends and family just cannot provide him. That’s when he’s blessed with the guidance and friendships of Fred, Ester, and Iris.

Lastly, no matter what life seems to throw his way, Giovanni always seems to find a reason to rise above it and be blessed. However, there is one thing that he just can’t seem to overcome…his greatest enemy, Marcos. While Marcos hasn't plagued his dreams for years, Giovanni still feels the wrath of his curse daily and learns over the years that the extent of Marco’s treachery goes far beyond the mark he’s left on Giovanni’s life. So one day, Giovanni will finally have a chance to challenge Marcos face to face…but will he have the help of his friends, his family, and his special abilities, or will he have to face him alone, weak, and afraid? That’s what Battleground is all about; you’ll just have to read it to find out.

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