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Friday, June 7, 2013

Ester's Timeline

-1720 Ester is born
-1723 Ester reaches
  full maturity
-1725 She spends life in training when the Descendant Council predicts an imbalance
-1760 She goes into hiding shortly after feeling the presence of a new descendant
- She travels the world in several human female forms
-1780 Ester finds a place in Africa she’s able to bond with and establishes her summit-never retakes a human form again
-1840 She encounters Iris soaring after a storm while traveling through the jungle
-1850 Speaks with Winslow the messenger for the first time
-1870 She and Iris help Winslow adapt to his earthly form and role as a possessor
-1900 She encounters Jericho healing the victims of raid in Asia

-1933 Ester uses telepathy to reach out to other half-breeds
-1934 she begins to form the Unit using old Descendant Council principles
-1950 Ester meets Fred fighting as a Rogue against minions of the Council
-1970 Ester meets Sheldon
-1980 The base for the Unit is established in Abuja, Nigeria. Ester announces Iris as her left hand man and Fred as her right hand man
-2015 Fred brings Bletsian to meet Ester for a blessing
-2020 Abuja is officially renamed the Jewel of Africa. Ester attends the celebration in secret.
-2025 Ester appoints Bletsian her right hand man after the disappearance of Fred.
-2070 Ester travels to the U.S. to honor the life of Mira Kingston.

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