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Friday, June 7, 2013

Recognizing Characters: Supporters and Critical Minors

Michael (Michelangelo)- He is the grandson of the character Leo from the first story. He has inherited the responsibly of looking after Sinclair Manor and the Kingston family, though he does it with much more interest and involvement than his forefather. He’s tall, blond, and handsome and just maybe a little crazy for Tori.

Fred- He’s a visually stunning half-breed character looking average on the surface, but being truly amazing underneath layers of baggy clothing. He’s tall, dark skinned, and nice looking from the front, but from behind has a spine lined with spikes. His knees and elbows are also spiky.

 Ester- She is a symbol and representation of purity, for that reason her skin is white like marble. She is completely hairless, yes that means she’d bald, but she still exudes femininity. She has wings like an angel and speaks only through telepathy or with a voice that sounds like a song all the time.

Iris- He’s a very serious character and a leader. He’s meant to look intimidating. He’s a half-breed so of course his appearance is unusual. He’s very tall and muscular and looks likes a tar statue. His skin is actually black as tar.

Marcos- Just as in the first story, Marcos remains a hideous troll, the opposite of his once beautiful self. In this story however, Marcos spends most of his time hidden in the form of his host. He’s uses his host body so that he’ll not have to face the harsh reality of his true appearance.

Ivor- He’s the host for Marcos in this story. He’s an average looking man, but even before he encounters Marcos he is deeply troubled and has a rather menacing look about him. He was once a gypsy.

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