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Friday, June 7, 2013

Life in the Year 2070

Like all depictions of the future, I imagine the year 2070 to be more advanced and convenient. While the world has become more advanced, it hasn't reached “The Jetsons” status yet. Many things in the future have been simplified or re-categorized for ease of use and overall understanding. Many of the special or specific names that have in the past been applied to specific objects are longer used. Things are mainly named based on what their function is. A shoe, a boot, or a sandal is no more; now they are foot supports for daily wear, work wear, and beach wear. The naming of things is just the beginning of the differences that have taken over the future.

Of course, the styles have changed, but then again, they always do and always will. Over time, even social interactions have changed. In the year 2070, the world is in the middle of a social modification. New ideas of social interactions are beginning to be adapted into mainstream society, but many are still holding onto old customs and traditions. People in the modern world have slowly detached themselves from others so much so, that people just aren't comfortable around other people anymore. It all began with so many aspects of life being automated and done online, making person to person and social interactions unnecessary, especially as technology advanced to emulate human social skills.

Hugging in public and shaking hands is rarely seen among the Emotional Detached, the new majority of society. While in current times, emotional detachment is only good for people who constantly work with the ill and dying or who work to solve crime, in the future everyone feels emotional detachment is just easier. As the world’s population grows and develops, land becomes a precious commodity. Many people in the future barging with their governments for services, benefits, and other perks in exchange for their private land. Very little land is privately owned anymore. While the act of burial for many in modern times is a battle between their personal belief system and the size of their bank account, in the future, burial is not an option unless you own land and also petition the government to approve it.

Now down to the cool stuff you expect to see in the future. Transportation is always a good place to start. While cars still exist, they are now called domestic transports. Most transports are electric and hover above the magnetized roads that most places are now paved with. Many luxury transports have interchangeable wheels and other features for traveling off road. Gone are the days a buying a cheap Smart Car. In the future, the cheap cars are called pods. They are typically one-seaters with very few amenities, fewer safety features, and look like floating fish bowls.

Technology, along with the application of the Internet, has become so advanced by the year 2070 that many aspects of the world we currently live in have vanished completely. People no longer use paper and pen or pencil to write anything; letters don’t exist outside of email. There are no new printed materials such as book, official records, etc…Pictures are rarely printed and television and computers are obsolete. Every home or residence has a server just for holding outrageous amounts of data and information. Homes are equipped with interactive projection screens and hand held digital tablets, which serve as: tv, computer, picture frame, book case, file cabinet, video game console, telephone, and everything else you can think of. Of course, there are other changes I could mention, but I must leave you something to read about.

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