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Friday, June 7, 2013

Locations Where Battles take Place

Australian Outback: There is no specific place mentioned simply because there isn't supposed to be. The battle that takes place here is between the Socram and the Unit, and they don’t typically fight out in the public for everyday average people to see. (The Socram are the followers of the demon Marcos, and while they are essentially a part of the Council, they are powerful enough to stand alone.)

Central America: This location is also intentionally vague, simply because it is meant to be so. It is the secret location of a villain’s fortress and for that reason, leaving the location vague helps to build up the drama of the action that takes place there.

Eastern Europe: Again no specific location is given here because it is not important to the story. The battle that takes place here is between the Unit and a small faction of the Council lead by powerful processor. 

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