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Friday, June 7, 2013

Herbs and Other EC Agents of Healing or Battle

Wine- symbolic and sacrificial, it’s the idea that something has gone through a sacred purifying process to aid in spiritual and supernatural advancement or enlightenment.
Salt- the importance of salt spans millennia, it is essential for life, but can also have spiritual connotations. Here salt is either a supernatural barrier or a binder.
Sulfur- a.k.a. Brimstone, when burned causes a blue flame, often associated with works of evil. Here sulfur’s foul smell works as a spiritual inhibitor to the righteous.
Frankincense- often associated with gift giving. Here frankincense is used as an inhibitor or deterrent to evil.
Spearmint- pure spearmint burns the nasal passages and the surface of the skin. Here the sweet smell of spearmint works as a spiritual inhibitor to evil.
Sage- reduces perspiration, acts as a preservative and a disinfectant. Here is it used as a purifier, disinfectant, and an immunity booster.
Almond oil- used in skin care products to promote elasticity and moisture control. Here is it used as an additive to make other healing creams. It does help alleviate itchiness.
Agrimony- helps stop bleeding and promotes clotting. Here it is used for just that purpose.
Spilantes- a numbing agent and an anti-parasitic. Here it is used for just these reasons.
Bacopa- a.k.a. Brahmi, used for enhanced mental focus and impulse control. Here it is use for similar reasons along with mental or mind control.
Belladona- dilates eyes and is known as a poison that temporarily numbs, paralyzes, or causes unstable euphoria. Here it is used for these reasons and as an inhibitor to the righteous. 
Valerian (root)- has a calming effect and provides gastrointestinal relaxation. Here it is used for its calming effects and ability to help people sleep.
Kava Kava- causes relaxed muscles and mild euphoria. Here it is used for just these reasons.

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