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Friday, June 7, 2013

Journal Entries: Part 2

*All File Codes:
0001-0999 Human Resource (ids and info on humans associated with the Unit)
0000 Heaven
0111 Earth
0123 Registration (setting up access to the Unit Log for public, members, and leaders)
0200 Weapons
0300 Equipment
0400 Transportation
0500 Maintenance
0505 Medical Data
0600 Provisions
0666 Hell
0700 Communication/Prayer
0777 Sacred Place
0800-0840 Jobs & Abilities (Code 8000 also works as a file subject (Jobs & Abilities) code while all other numbers in the range are assigned to specific jobs and abilities.)
0888 Outer Space
1000-1900 Rogue Data (ids and info on Rogues associated with the Unit)
2000-2999 Enemy Data (ids and info on Enemies known to the Unit)
3000-9999 Member Resources (ids and info on members of the Unit)

Example of a Unit Log entry

Official Unit Log
Occurrence: Year 2022, the 16st day of June, the sixth month of the Julian Calendar Year
File Origin: 793.439.802.U56.27V.388.231
File Destination: New York, North America (NA)
File Status: Member (M)
File Subject: Weapons (200)
File Submission: Half-breed | Sari | 3567
Subject Entry No.: 89
File Entry No.: 1
File Reference: materials, blades, Rufus
File No.: 2022-16-06-NA-M-0200-0089-0001-HB-Sari-3567

The body or text of the journal entry would start here.

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