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Friday, June 7, 2013

Helpful Tips for Understanding this Story and Guide: Part 4

Character Affiliation: is the group a particular character chooses to associate with. People don’t always get along with one another. If you throw in some half-breeds and angels, you may just have a disaster waiting to happen. Many of the characters in this story will find themselves teetering between two of the four major affiliations, simply because the world is an imperfect place. The Unit is a group of mostly half-breed good guys fighting righteously to save the human race. But like every powerful organization, The Unit has its problems. ScAvengers are humans who serve as supporters to The Unit, but are not actually members of that association. Rogues are humans, half-breeds, and even some angels and demons who choose to fight on whatever side they so desire without associating with any organization. They act alone. The Council is a group of mostly demon possessed hosts and a few bad half-breeds fighting to destroy the human race. 

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