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Friday, June 7, 2013

Terminology in Battleground: Year 2070

Garment: term for general clothing, like “outfit”
Collar: a dual shoulder sash or a removal over the head lapel worn by men at formal events (v-shaped, oval-shaped, round, and square)
Foot support: term for shoes
Sleeve: part of a shoe or a shirt, fabric that reaches up an arm or leg
Threshold: term for a door or entrance
Illuminate: to lighten a room (turn on the lights)
Recycle: term for discarding items, dominant over storing trash
Receptacle: recycle or trash container, general instead of “can”
Circuit: general term used for switches, buttons, anything that turns on or off
Reflecting: shield, screen, portal: replacement of the mirror
Viewing portal or dome: replacement of the window
Watching screens: media projections like TV or streaming
Pod (booster, hover): small, fast moving, short distance vehicles
Transport: commuter, domestic, flight: general term that replaces car, bus, train, plane, etc..
Domicile: replaces the term house
Pressing palms: replaces the act of shaking hands
Lattice: like the laces on a shoe, but on clothing, dominant over zippers which are fading away.
Gown: term for long garment for women, a dress, gown, etc…
Quarter: replacement of the term room
Digital imprint: replacement of physically printed photos
Notification: just that, but replaces terms call, ring, etc…
Spectacles: items to help vision, replaces the term glasses which now applies only to drinking containers
Rain guard: term for umbrella or poncho, non-specific
Mobile Comm.: like a cell phone but more advanced
Communicator: like a phone but more advanced
Autom(s): Humanoid Electrically Powered Automation a.k.a. Hue P. Autom or Automs, equivalent to androids or robots
Station: work, rest, wait: general term, non-specific for desk, office, or wait room
Inbox: term to replace mail and email
Media streaming: just that, all inclusive
ARER- automatic robotic emergency response
Digital ID: your id tied to something like an IP
Chambers: meeting or private gathering
FooCon- food storage temperature control container, replaces refrigerator
Aramid fibers: fabric resistant to puncture, tears, etc…
B.H.- before humanity
Space Colonization Program
Tablets (digital): replacement of paper and pen, picture frames, tv, radio, etc, more advanced tablets/notebooks
Home server: replacement of physical collections and storage; books, files, photos… large quantity of virtual & hard memory per residence

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