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Friday, June 7, 2013

Helpful Tips for Understanding this Story and Guide: Part 5

Character Abilities or Special Qualities: can be any number of abilities and actions these characters are able to perform at any given time. Many of the characters share similar abilities, but only a few possess truly unique powers. Super or above average strength, telepathy, physical and mental endurance, slowed aging, and natural talent for combat are the most prevalent abilities shared by many of the characters of this story. There are a handful of abilities, which are only occupied limitedly.

Projection is the ability to move something or release something from within one’s self by the control of the mind. In this story, projection includes, but is not limited to, the ability to move objects or telekinesis. Many characters are able to project different things and at different intensities including images, light waves, and more.

Healing quickly is a shared trait amongst my half-breed characters, but the ability to help others heal is rear. While some characters are trained to heal, others have a healing touch. Shifting is the term I use to describe the ability to changes one’s appearance. Not all my supernatural characters have this ability, and for the ones who do, their shifting ability is very limited. That is unless they are a descendant. The last ability I will mention has no specific name, but only two characters in the story are able to do it outside of a dream at any given time. The ability to speak to angels and communicate directly with Heaven without prayer or intercession is only available to beings from heaven or individuals who maintain a constant sacrifice of purity.

So how does all this apply to Giovanni/Bletsian? I will explain.

In his human form of Giovanni, this character is above average in his strength and abilities, but when he becomes Bletsian, the term super really begins to apply. Just like Giovanni, Bletsian towers above most people in height and bulk, but he’s actually a little bigger that Gio. These two personas of the same character also share the ability to levitate, see in the dark, and withstand immense heat and pain. They are both telepathic and supernaturally empathetic and have the rear and natural ability to help others heal. That’s where their similarities end. Giovanni’s shifting ability brings out Bletsian, who has thrashing talons, horns, claws, and wings, for flying. Bletsian is fireproof and has the ability to manipulate flames. He can distinguish different life forms from far away. He has new and advance abilities constantly growing within him daily. He’s beginning to develop a multitude of projection talents and visionary skills. Even his ability to shift in and out of the form, Giovanni, is changing; but into what, he’s not yet sure.

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