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Friday, June 7, 2013

Helpful Tips for Understanding this Story and Guide: Part 3

Character Function: is important for two reasons. Many of the characters in this story define their lives by the specific, and sometimes unique, functions they perform. Functions are also important to the development of the story. By providing an individual with a specific function that I felt was critical to the overall conflict of the story, I was able to create more characters for my two previous heroes to interact with. This in turn opened up the door of possibilities, allowing me to develop many side stories. Functions and their descriptions are listed below:

Warrior- someone who’s major role is to fight battles
Tracker- someone who can find anything under the right circumstances, can judge character, and sense if they are being tracked
Visionary- someone who sees into other people’s minds, dreams, and pasts as images, sometimes sees things that are to come
Healer- someone who’s talented at helping others heal when no one else can, has a knack for science and applying it to living things
Comforter- someone who makes other people feel better just by being around, spread calm wherever they go
Supporter- anyone who has a desire to help and doesn’t care about recognition
Possessor- someone who can control other people’s bodies and or minds
Host- someone who is exposed enough or willingly allows themself to be taken over by a possessor

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