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Friday, June 7, 2013

Helpful Tips for Understanding this Story and Guide: Part 2

Character Breed: is a way of compartmentalizing the characters of this series. The division of the breeds is a major part of the plot development, but can be a little confusing. Humans are just that. In this story, the humans that are involved soon find themselves a minority in a war for their world. Half-breeds are the bulk of the characters in this story. Half-breeds are a mixture of human and angelic or demonic DNA appearing in many variations of humanoid forms (Nephilim are a type of half-breed). Descendants are a special type of half-breed having a direct connection to Angels of War (term defined in the book). They are stronger, have more powers, and are more personally flawed and burdened with responsibilities.

Fellows are a very small and unique group of angels who choose to fall from Heaven for the sole purpose of aiding humanity in its battle against evil. For this reason, they have special qualities that set them apart from other humans, even though that is essentially, what they are. They are not superhuman or have the powers of half-breeds, but they are well above average by human standards with their skills, talents, and abilities. The most important attribute for Fellows are their memories and knowledge, which they never lose. Angels are just that. These are the righteous creatures created by God before the creation of man. They are all beautiful beyond words and carry the powers of heaven within them.

Demons are what you’d think, but a little complicated. True demons are fallen angels filled with hatred and corruption. Sub-demons are tortured human spirits that have gone to hell and returned to fight for more human spirits. These two groups are rarely identified separately. True-demons are the masters or leaders of sub-demons. Other-realmers is a term I use many times to refer to all the non-human characters of my book collectively. While Fellows are technically human, they are often included in this category also. When the evil ones speak of the righteous, they are enviously referred to as light bearers. Lighter bearers are usually Angels and Half-breeds, but could refer to a very pure and holy human. 

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