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Friday, June 7, 2013

Healing: Practices, Procedures, and Applications

The ability to heal is one of the most important traits a character can possess in the EC world. This is an ability that is not limited only to the supernatural processes of half-breeds and angels, but can be learned by humans. Even when this talent is learned, it takes a very special person to make a mastery of it. Healing itself is a two-part process based on how a person feels mentally/spiritual and physically. It is this two-part process that defines the many ways in which healing takes place in the EC world.

            In some ways, natural human healing is easier than that of healing other-realmers, but it too has its drawbacks. Humans tend to have weaker bodies, minds, and spirits than their other-realmer companions, which makes them more susceptible to injury and illness. Treating humans is easier in the sense that their bodies can accept a plethora of natural and artificial chemicals, medicines, and treatments to help their weak body get better. That’s the positive physical side of human healing, but the negative mental side of their healing is that they very rarely have the ability to heal themselves or use mental focus to better their situation.

            While half-breeds are much less susceptible to injury and illness, when they are afflicted with an ailment, it is slightly harder to treat. Half-breeds cannot use medicine and treatments that are artificial. Even their acceptance of chemicals is limited. If the chemicals are overly processed or blended and combined with too many other entities, half-breeds will not be able to use them. Finding just the right herbs, chemicals, and combinations thereof is the tricky part of aiding half-breed healing. While most half-breeds have the mental ability to help themselves heal, sometimes a healer is needed. A healer is a half-breed who has the special ability to help others heal simply by touching them, but even humans can sometimes have a healing touch. Lastly, the power of prayer and belief in it, are the simplest means of healing in the EC world.

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