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Friday, June 7, 2013

Recognizing Characters: Main and Major Supporters

Giovanni- He looks much the same as he did in the first book. Instead of appearing to be in his mid twenties, he now looks to be in his early thirties, even though more than fifty years have passed. He isn't as dominate in this story as he was in the first, simply because he’s found it necessary to appear as Bletsian more and more often. Bletsian- Looks exactly the same as he does in the first book except for the fact that he is much more confident and sure of his powers, appearance, and abilities.

Mira- She has aged incredibly graceful due to her connection with Giovanni. She is 90 years old, but has an incredible youthful and physically fit mind and body of a fifty-year-old woman. She defies the term elderly as though the word has no significance at all. She’s not the grandmotherly type; she’s a woman who’s traveled the world and fought against evil. Age doesn't really affect her in “normal” terms, but she is still quite mortal.

Tori (Victoria)- She is not much like Mira, but wishes she was. Physically she and Mira are opposites. Where Mira is tall, she is average. Mira has dark skin and she is fair. Mira’s hair is dark, thick, and wavy, and Tori’s is light, thin, and curly. Tori doesn't have the kinds of struggles Mira had to overcome in her past, but she has her own issues to deal with.

Sheldon- He is, by far, the saddest character in my story simply because of who he is. He’s a pale prepubescent boy with pointed ears, a tail, and an inability to grow up. His only joy in life is making his family proud and defeating evil ones in battle.

            Jack- He’s another of few characters that the reader gets to see age normally in this story, though he doesn't reach his peak of interest and ability until he’s in his sixties. He’s too determined to let age bother him.

Lilly- She also gets to age in this story, though readers may find it hard not to see her as a chubby little girl with squinted eyes and dimples in her cheeks. Fully grown and now a grandmother, she is the epitome of the quintessential mother figure, who tells great stories and kisses away pain.

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