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Friday, June 7, 2013

Jack's Timeline

-2002 Jack born
-2013 Jack is taken from his home and held by the government
-2014 He meets Giovanni and Mira to discuss a matter of security
-2016 Jack helps Giovanni and Mira smuggle an artifact into the U.S.
-2017 Mira has Jack released from government residence and brings him to Sinclair Manor
-2019 Jack cracks the code for the Sacred Place
-2025 Jack meets Sheldon as head of security at Sinclair Manor
-2030 Jack leaves Sinclair Manor and becomes a Rogue
-Jack drops in from time to time to visit his family, and Mira and Giovanni, when they are on speaking terms.
-2045 Jack is devastated to learn of his mother’s death and burial, which he missed because he was on  a mission out of the country

-2048 After reconciling with his family, Jack returns to Sinclair Manor to make peace and meet baby Tori
-2049 Jack’s father dies of a lonely heart and his sister soon follows for the same reason
-Jack drops in and out of the Kingston home more often because it’s the only place that feels like home when he’s not fighting battles.
2070 Jack rushes to join the Unit in a battle against Harold, but arrives just as the battle is over. He takes a few days to return to Sinclair Manor to honor the life of Mira

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