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Friday, June 7, 2013

Battle: Weapons, Gear, Elements, and More

Hand-to-hand combat, swords, knives, spears, guns, darts, arrows, and even a bit of prayer and magic have a place on the battlefield of the Eternal Curse series. Much of the fighting and weaponry of this story is vaguely described simply because I didn't want the violence or action to overshadow the rest of the story. With that being said, you must know that there is still enough gruesome brutality available in the text to make the battles and conflicts seem believable.

Since most of the characters in my story are half-breeds, the weapons and battle tactics are catered to their physiology. While pretty much anything can hurt a human, half-breeds, with all their curses and issues, are at least blessed with the durability of their angelic ancestors. For half-breeds, hand-to-hand combat is the dominant method of battle. There is a certain level of honor and respect shown in the process of defeating one’s enemy face-to-face, instead from a far-off safe distance.

This is not to say that weapons aren't used, because they most definitely are. The preferred weapons of half-breeds tend to be handmade, simply because they can’t be made of just anything. Half-breed weapons have to be made of precious metals and gemstones, in order for puncture and pain to occur. God made his angels impervious to pain and completely invincible, but when the time came for a battle to take place in Heaven, God made his angels temporarily susceptible to precious metals and gems. The most dominant weapons on the battlefield of the EC series are swords, knives, and daggers. There is one dagger in particular that will ultimately change the fate of the battle between the righteous and unrighteous on earth.

The Holy Obelisk is a special weapon forged in Heaven and brought to earth to aid humanity in their struggles again evil entities within their realm. The Holy Obelisk is the most powerful physical weapon available to battle against evil. It can only be handled by an angel or a descendant. I could tell you more, but that really would give too much of the story away.

            Here is a list of the precious metals, gems, and minerals mentioned in the book in order of importance or hardness. First the metals: titanium, platinum, gold, silver, and lead. Next the gems: diamond, ruby, emerald, onyx, and basic crystal. Now the minerals and composites; pearl and marble. Lastly, the following metals and or gems are not mentioned by name in the story, but many times the general terms element, gems, and precious metals are used. When these general terms are used, I imagine that the above mentioned items are included along with the following: jade, opal, and copper, and even iron.

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