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Friday, June 7, 2013

Tori's Timeline

-2048 Tori is born
-Lilly visits to help Mira and makes Tori’s favorite sleep toy “Pilly”
-2050 The Kingston family returns to Chicago

-2051 When he’s sad, Sheldon lures Tori the toddler into his room with Pilly so they can cuddle up together
-2056 Tori attends her first home school social at the age of 8 and finally realizes that her family is strange and different.
-2058 Tori, Sheldon, and Michael find the Secret Cave when visiting Sinclair Manor
-2061 at 13 Tori participates in a play while on vacation at Sinclair Manor
-2062 Tori comforts Michael when his grandfather dies
-2064 Tori receives an incredible Sweet 16 treat
-Tori begins to develop her  skill as a fighter attempting to prove herself to her parents
-2066 at 18 Mira begins to teach Tori about healing as she attends college.
-2068 She takes a course at school that teaches her to use and handle firearms
-2069 Tori graduates from college and doesn’t want an average job.
-2070 Tori reluctantly stays home in Chicago while her family goes off to battle Harold.
-Tori returns to Sinclair Manor to honor the life of Mira

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