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Friday, June 7, 2013

Journal Entries: Part 1

Throughout the first book and on into the rest of the series, the concept of journal writing is mentioned. At the end of EC: Battleground, the reader finally gets a glimpse of Bletsian’s journaling process. The importance of all this personal writing slowly begins to come into perspective in this second book, but in the third book, the true full purpose of it will come to fruition. Aside from the importance of journal writing, the journal sample the reader gets to see in EC: Battleground is a Unit Log entry that comes with its own set of special rules and codes that I just didn't feel needed to be explained in the book. So, in case I have any fans that want to know, here’s the low down how the Official Unit Log file system works.

The Official Unit Log uses a special numerical code system to identify specific categories. The code ranges from 0000-9999 (more on this later) and also uses letters in a few limited places.
Journal Name: Official Unit Log (There may be unofficial logs and member logs as well)
Date: Occurrence: Year 0000, the 00th day of Month, the # month of the Julian Calendar Year [others may follow different calendars, but all file codes will be converted to this format for the official record]
Where it began: File Origin: 000.000.000.X00.00X.000.000 [this is like an I.P. address but much more specific]
Where saved: File Destination: Name of City or Location, Name of Server (letter code) [because this entry is for the Unit Log, it specifies which server it should be saved on. The Unit has 10 official servers and 11 different codes for them: Oasis (headquarters), NA (North America), SA (South America), EU (Europe), AS (Asia), AF (Africa), AT (Australia), AN (Antarctica), AO (Atlantic Ocean), PO (Pacific Ocean), All (all servers)]
Who can access: File Status: Access type (# code) [There are three levels of access to the Unit Log. Restricted is reserved for Unit Chamber Heads (the leaders) and specially assigned personale, Member is reserved for anyone with a member id (more on that later), Public is open to anyone who actually knows about the Log and how to use it. Public status allows ScAvengers and Unit friendly Rogues to access files as needed.]
Main subject: File Subject: Description or Location (# code) [Many subjects will simply be a word or brief descriptions, but sometimes subjects are so important that special codes are assigned to them. Locations of importance are assigned special subject codes: Heaven (0000), Earth (0111), Sacred Place (0777), Hell (0666), Outer Space (0888)] *More file subject codes listed later.
Who wrote it: File Submission: Identifier | Name | #code [File submission is a three part process: identifier can be a breed, function, or ability (human, half-breed, descendant, other-realmer, Functions-see Helpful tips Part 2, Abilities- see Helpful tips Part 3), name, # code (3000-9999). Code 3000 also works as a file subject (Member Resources) code while all other numbers in the range are assigned to specific individuals.]
# Entry on this subject: Subject Entry No.: # [Each time a new unique subject is entered an entry number of 1 is automatically assigned to it. Each time that subject is revisited, the next sequential number is automatically assigned, but this can be overridden by a Chamber Head]
File # for this entry: File Entry No.: # [This number must be entered manually by the person submitting the file, but they cannot assign the same file entry number twice.]
Any other search criteria: File Reference: NA [This is a text field that can be filled with other pertinent search criteria for this specific file. Ex. A file about Bletsian may also contain information about healing, fighting, visions, etc…]
Final saved file code: File No.: 0000-00-00-X-X-0000-0000-0000-X-X-0000 [The final file code is a conglomeration of all the codes listed above. Ex. 2070-21-04-O-R-0777-0004-0009-D-B-4842 | year-date-month-server-access-file subject code-subject entry-file entry-identifier-name-member code]

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