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Friday, June 7, 2013

Sheldon's Timeline

-1965 Sheldon born is in CA
-Fred takes him in and trains him to use and control his abilities
-1970 Fred brings Sheldon before the Unit to be accepted among them. He proves to be an excellent fighter and a great tracker.
-1975 Sheldon kills his first foe in a Unit battle
-1980 Sheldon attends the celebration of the new Unit base as Fred’s partner, no longer his protégé
-1995 Fred and Sheldon attend a  small marriage ceremony for Emily’s daughter Cara to Jeb, another tracker
-2005 Sheldon loses control of his glow when taunted by a man and causes him to go blind.
-2015 Sheldon accompanies Fred to meet Giovanni and Mira for the first time. Sheldon is excited to meet a shifter and nervous to meet a human.
-2025 Sheldon goes to live with Giovanni and Mira after the disappearance of Fred
-Sheldon bonds with Bletsian and Mira and learns to tolerate and help everyday humans.
-Poses as a different foster children out in public altering his appearance often
-2048 Sheldon is delighted when Bletsian brings Tori home. He’s excited to be a big brother.
-2058 Sheldon, Tori, and Michael find the Secret Cave
-2062 Sheldon helps Michael build a booster pod.
-2066 With Tori away at college, Sheldon becomes more possessive and protective of Mira, fighting fewer battles to stay with her.
-2070 Joined by Bletsian and Mira, Sheldon participates in the battle against Harold.
-Sheldon returns to Sinclair Manor to honor the life of Mira.

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