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Friday, June 7, 2013

Locations in EC: Battleground Visited in EC: Giovanni’s Angel

Sinclair Manor: The home of Abraham Kingston left to G/B and Mira. This becomes their vacation spot or place of refuge.

Brown Acres: Though not specifically named in the first book, this is the ancestral estate of Mira’s benefactor that becomes the main living place for the Kingston family.

Chicago: This is where Mira works and Tori goes to college. Brown Acres is near here.

New Jersey: This is where Jack is from (so was Abraham), and the place where G/B and Mira learn of the Council and the Unit.

Whitteltown: This is the small town where Sinclair Manor is located. This is where Michael lives and is now partially owned  by the Kingston family.

The Secret Cave: This is a favorite hiding place for the Kingston children and the place where Mira almost died.

Whistle Creek: This is the creek that flows near the edges of the Sinclair Manor property and is where G/B first prayed.

Niagara Falls: This is where a secret Unit base is located and where G/B once fled from danger.

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