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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Philosophy of…

Intersections: In the EC series, the term intersection is applied to a type of inter-dimensional convergence. Now I need to defined inter-dimensional convergence. This is basically the idea of a place on earth having access to Heaven and or Hell, a gateway. Intersections are gateways to other realms. Intersections meet at a point, but they do not overlap.

Connections: In the EC series, the term connection is also applied to a type of inter-dimensional convergence. Connections are places where different worlds or realms overlap and actually exist in the same space. Connections are limited only to combinations of Heaven and Earth or Hell and Earth. Hell cannot connect to Heaven.

Awakening: In this series, an awakening is like a rebirth that happens only through near death. Because half-breeds teeter between being human and being angelic, they are given a “second life” or an awakening to help them live longer. If a half-breed survives their awakening, because not all do, they recover from it stronger than they were before. The awakening further removes the half-breeds from their humanity, which is good and bad in many ways. Being more removed from humanity makes the half-breeds physically stronger, but it also makes them more susceptible to evil and lust for power and battle. They lose a bit of their compassion and empathy, unless they are a descendant.

Glow: The glow and the holy light are very important in the EC series. Nothing evil can glow or carry the holy light in it. The holy light is literally the presence of God’s Power flowing through a being. Angels have the holy light and half-breeds that have not turned to evil have a glow. The glow is the last remnants of the holy light that half-breeds are allowed to experience being creatures of both Heaven and Earth. Very few half-breeds are able to utilize their glow because it is too powerful for them to manage, but every half-breed gets to shine their glow once before they die. It is a last effort to ward off a foe or to make a statement in their final good-bye. The glow can be harmful to many and mostly causes blindness to those who look directly at it.

Burial: People constantly die in the EC series, but life goes on. The importance or non-importance of the burial process becomes an issue in this story. Some characters just die, some are just buried, some actually get a funeral, and some can’t be buried. In the end, it comes down to the differences between humans and all the rest of the characters in the book.

Possession: The ability to control a human mind and or body is one thing, but add to that taking it over and using it or wearing it like clothing is what a possessor does. While possession is often thought of as something bad, in this book we learn of bad and good possessors. The main distinction I’d like to make now is that not all demons can possess humans. Most demons can take over a human, by killing them and wearing them temporarily, but this is not possession. This is stealing the identity of a dead person. Once the demon leaves its human body, that person is dead; this is not the case with procession. 

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