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Friday, June 7, 2013

Did I Forget to Mention…

I am taking this opportunity to briefly mention the characters from my book that are either minors or mentions. I’m doing this basically to give you, the reader, an idea of the scope of this story and the involvement within it. Compared to the first book, this story has so much more going on and, you, the reader may want to come back to check this source so you can keep up with everything.

Emily: friend of Fred, half-breed tracker for the Unit.
Harold: demon, possessor for the Council.
Malik:  half-breed warrior for the Council.
Lisa: human ScAvenger for the Unit, Jack’s sister.
Edgar: human ScAvenger for the Unit, Jack’s father.
Pastor Lynn: human, friend of Kingston family.
Leonardo: human, Michael’s grandfather.
Theodor: human, Michael’s fathers.
Jericho: half-breed healer for the Unit.
Amiel: half-breed healer for the Unit.
Borse & Basse (bor-sE & ba-sE): twin half-breed healers for the Unit.
El Juanito Oscuro: human Rogue, guardian of important weapon.
Semyaz: fallen angel/demon.
Sari: half-breed warrior and reporter for the Unit.
Unnamed Messenger: angel associated with the Unit.
Milton: fallen angel/fellow, warrior for the Unit, deliverer of important weapon.
Rey: half-breed Rogue, ancestor to Lilly.
Cara: Emily’s daughter, a half-breed tracker for the Unit.
Jeb: Cara’s husband, a half-breed tracker for the Unit.
Seth: fallen angel/fellow, G/B’s grandfather.
Esset: half-breed healer, G/B’s mother.

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